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lirik lagu 1961 – jackie greene


he loved her back in 1961
he held her through the night
till the dark was done

but he’s been gone now for several years
left her nothing but a letter to catch the tears
he might not know it but she had his son
back in 1961

she raised the baby
and off to school he went
she had help from the neighbors
along from the government

she tells herself that she did her best
through out all the trials, they had been blessed
but she still longs to have her fun
like in 1961, oh

he wakes up on a lonely stretch of road
and driving rigs for a living
truckin’ a heavy load

his thoughts drift back to another time
and a woman that he treated so unkind
and wonders just what her life’s become
since 1961

he lays there now upon his dying bed
memories of lifetime’s in his head

the nurse comes back, she says to him
“you have a visitor, should i let him in?”
and in walks a face that could only be his son
from 1961, oh, from 1961, yeah, 1961, oh yeah

i’m comin’ home, oh, 1961, oh