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lirik lagu 19 – jackie hayes


took the long way home
then i passed ’round the block
say you wanted to talk
say you wanted to [?]
made a lot of mistakes
when i had turned 19
if i don’t got what it takes
just know that i’m sorry

i don’t want, you to hurt
that’s why you, should put yourself first
promise you, baby, i don’t mind
we should stay out of each others lives

you don’t know how
how much i question
how much i question it
you feel the same

i don’t know where
all of my friends went but
where they were going was all the same way
but knowing all my days
i’ll have somebody’s life
wonder how i’ll need all day
until a [?]

think it was never meant
i should just get a job or something
’cause i gotta make this rent
and i’m all out of money