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lirik lagu 008 freestyle – jacquees


ayy ayy

girl you think ya
fine, fine, fine yeah x2

girl you think your fine
i know your dangerous

cup full of wine why
don’t we drank up

i’m takin my time girl
f-ck your makeup

girl tell me your mine
then put your legs up

said we could go for
rounds till your makin sound
i love when your partic-p-ting

said bae i poured the brown let’s roll some loud
i love when we get elevated, vated

yaeah; said we gon dim the lights
cause i ain’t got time
for all your playin
i’m just sayin; heyy

jacquees gon‘ do you wright right
how many songs
i gotta sing to get you
out your pants

girl you think your
fine, fine, fine x3

now after i hit it
she wanna lay up

you done f-cked up
my deniem with all this makeup

said girl you f-cked up
my pillows with all your


glad i ain’t gotta girl
cusfor this sh-t we’d break up; yeeeah

que gon do you right
yeah, yeah

say que gon do you
right; yeah, yeah

say que gon do your right

say how many songs i gotta sing to get you
out your pants

i won’t stop
said i won’t stop

put your love on top
yeah you know i will rock

said i won’t stop