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death wish - jadakiss lyrics


(feat. lil wayne)

death wish, death wish, death wish, death wish
death wish, death wish, death wish

yeah, yo, they must got a death wish
cause they was on the (road to the riches)
back in the day, but they got off on the exit
real disrespect sh-t – whenever a n-gg-
try to f-ck up your investment, it’s hard to digest it
these young n-gg-z don’t wanna get punched in they faces
so they keep the burner on ’em, and catch a bunch of cases
these old n-gg-z still think they livin in the 80’s
and shorties that they knew since they were babies turned crazy
the b-tches still holla
at anybody lookin like they gettin a couple dollars
could f-ck, suck and swallow
ain’t n-body winnin, but everybody can’t lose
the dirt’s still there, funeral home ain’t move
goin in, comin out gang affiliated
you’d rather go back before bein humiliated
a black cloud over the hood, you can’t escape it
dust smokin n-gg-z walkin ’round in the (matrix)
loyalty is thin, the tension is thick
look at a broke n-gg-‘s face, when you mention a brick
stick-up kids come around, when they sense that you rich
candles and lizzle get lit when you get hit with the fifth
n-gg-z that used to hoop dream is now sellin the piff
and they still rattin but you can’t tell if you stiff
especially when the tec spit
f-ck around get your head, and your neck hit, lookin for a death wish

[chorus: jadakiss]
talkin out your mouth, all reckless
to a n-gg- that you know, that’ll let it off, that’s a death wish
when your heart stops, and your body gets breathless
and help don’t come in enough time, that’s a death wish
when you see the blood and realize that your chest is h-t
and don’t know where it came from, that’s a death wish
when you know a n-gg-, whole styles on some next sh-t
and you violate ’em, mm-mwah, that’s a death wish

[lil wayne]
young money!
ahh, i be on that way left sh-t
better get right or get left sh-t
better hit right or get left hit
even if you threw the best pitch
yes b-tch it’s weezy-f b-tch, i’m the best b-tch
motherf-ck yo’ guest list, i be like, let’s just
kill him and get breakfast, neck slit
next sh-t expect this, every time you check this
i’m exit, i mean, excited to be yo’ death wish
b-tch i wear this g sh-t on my heart, not my necklace
and i keep the heckler for the heck-less
and i’m from the mecca of the reckless with a record-breakin death list
the reckless and neglecters think election won’t affect us
i’m high above you, above law, above ever rich
n-gg-z snitchin, put n-gg-z in a can like a beverage
d-mn! i pop at your head, f-ck up your memories
i put a bullet in nina head and let her reminisce
yeah, if you don’t remember sh-t you gon’ remember this
i’ll knock them n-gg-z down this year, i’m on my timber sh-t
big lion growl at you n-gg-z on that simba sh-t
i’ll be on that “f-ck yo’ clique, i’ll kill every member” sh-t
cold as december sh-t, bang in any weather sh-t
and they could buy yo’ bag with body parts sold separate
yeah, that’s a bet b-tch like russian roulette b-tch
weezy be the genie in a bottle, here’s your death wish


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