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lirik lagu hiiipower freestyle – jag


[verse 1: chubby jag]
poppa gone, momma crying
i just want my daddy, i’m to young to know that momma trying
she say that he coming back, but i know that my momma lying
i ain’t even tripping, look at all this sh-t my momma buying
naw i ain’t lying bro, she keep me laced
give me wads of money just to spend bro, she keep me caked
but i done took the wrong steps that shouldn’t be retraced
i guess that’s why i’m preaching now, i’m on my t.d. jakes
spit now, all my sh-t sick and i’m the sh-t now
just trying to rip sh-t, till i get rich and can sit down
that’s why i put my faith in no man
i’m a couple floors up from y’all, yea i’ve been on my bruh man
yea you ever felt like you just had to k!ll?
ran across that beautiful women that you just had to feel?
sad that you catching a bus and you never had the wheel
whole family starving, no food around and you had to steal?
you ever seen a head shot, wig steaming, fiend shaking
big fiending, whole bunch of them kids screaming?
i’m just saying n-ggas praying, i’m fighting them big demons
i can see them in my sleep, so i’m fighting for big reason
n-gga dying, n-ggas crying, they sound like a kid t–thing
sh-t sleeping for the dead, i’m alive and i’m big breathing
chubby, get me, white powder n-gga high power
f-ck with n-ggas that need the c0ka leaf and buy sour
we hurting, so we intoxicated off high flowers
still i was born to cop sh-t, i’m on my high tower
yea i know n-ggas that selling hoochies that selling goochie
your p-ssy won’t make me marry you, i’m just telling groupies
yea i f-ck with them real n-ggas, them trill n-ggas
real ill n-ggas, that peel triggers and k!ll n-ggas
i wake up in my hoopin’ shoes like i’m off the ball
got me shining like michael glove i’m off the wall
a n-gga need the music, i been a fiend for days
they fiend for my bars like a smoker that fiends for haze
i fiend for money, i won’t stop till my team is paid
everybody sparking, n-ggas marching like the king parade
uh, i don’t know dre i don’t know uncle snoop
if you a n-gga uncle, just look out cause that’s what uncles do
them certain colors get you slayed round here
i know p-ssy, c0ke, and weed will get you paid round here
all the jobs paying dirt, n-ggas slaves round here
all the churches taking money, can’t get saved round here
momma pardon i’m with b-tches, i be quick to treat her bad
that’s unless she’s hot and sweet
and she like martin momma biscuits, huh
they say i talk about shining too much, i’m often glad
cause if i talk about struggling, i’d be talking sad
n-ggas cussing as a kid, had me talking bad, talking mad
get it, i be with it if you talking cash
and if i ain’t running the game, then i’m walking fast
you n-ggas froze in the matrix, my n-ggas walking past
do this for them b-tches showing -ss for a living
i be in that same bag, i just spas for a living
trash man, all them beats i gotta trash for a living
for them homeless people quick to get they lasts for a living
yea, naw i ain’t scared of nothing, that’s cause i’ve been afraid
that’s why i’m yelling crown a n-gga, till i’m in the grave