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lirik lagu 6 acre jabberwocky – jakprogresso



* long a victim of recurrent doppelganger phenomena reinforced by his exile, worked feverishly upon his novel, obsessed by the vision of a holbein painting he had seen in basil while escaping his resident creditors…


suicide pact, this the jump off (woooo!)
sensei hold the shadow? brick, judo chop a chunk off
rappin’ ch*nk out the enclosure, dung toss
now i got the drug yawn, it’s nocturnal raided banks?
for the blood drawn, lava cake, volcano
sunnin’ on a beach at 16s this, barbados
one kinda gel in the wake i’m john stamos (yeah right)
acid rain’s end the drought
so many droplets gathered on my tongue it rains when i’m out (wait…)
i can hear my own brain rot (brain rot)
atmospheres form in the ceiling
wet paint, drippin’ by cave rocks
church window stain blot, refrigerator a strange oz (wow)
pupils widen like i bent on survival mode
senses heighten, skies explode
sample heavy, painted myself from cider vinyl home
* oh what do you mean?
* oh just don’t ask…
yo, clouds black in a willow sob it’s
ill though odd how i left li, right when gilgo stopped (wow wow wow wow…)
i don’t compute logically, i was the size of god would be
i wipe my hands across earth and brush off the colonies
i don’t bring gun bars (nah) i shudder metal rods to drums and make gun bars
attack sapien’s neck, and lumbar
my brain look like a club dart
search the strip, smash fake pushers to pluck parts
sit with the tongue sober celepick spittle
over cheap complex bars like, prison officials
black magic cymbals painted on missiles
light your campus up like, virginia tech, memorial vigils

* a very sk!lled attack, but you must realize i can’t be touched!
* 93 semi*automatics, and automatic weapons, 95 shotguns, 98 converting a shotgun into a grenade launcher, 98 silencers, 98 trying to build a silencer, 104 how to make tear gas in your bas*m*nt…
* oh i dropped them, oh here’s one that didn’t break
* that’s an ashtray, dear, now hand me the coffee