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lirik lagu weird broads – jalfa d & audrey swag


[verse 1: jalfa d]
(i’m surrounded by weirdos)
yeah, all this p*ssy, always wanna hate me
yeah, now you want a feat, gotta pay me
and that boy think he hard but [?]
i love so much music, i don’t gatekeep
i got [?] on top of my swag, i feel so fast
hit me on my ig for the collab
wanna be sober but it’s so drag
he told be bend over, told him go fast
i know i like f*ckin weird broads
all my ex*boyfriends so odd
no hrt, i got [?]
he wanna f*ck with me but he a bot
he got four eyes, i think it’s hot
i f*cked four guys, [?]
if you think you think you poppin but you not
that boy is so rotten, told him [?]
(i’m surrounded by weirdos)

[verse 2: audrey swag]
b*tch you [?] if you call me a pen name
you ain’t got hoes n*gga, you don’t got game
yeah, we got those, we don’t f*ck with lames
and she likes hoes, put em on her face
in his cop clothes, walking in [?]
can’t see you, i know that you [?]
imma leave you, going out the back way
i don’t need you n*gga, i’m the new wave
[outro: audrey swag]
yeah, you know what we on
i just love making songs
(and i love hitting [?])
grabbing my [?]
if you wanna hit my phone
(but i never respond)

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