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lirik lagu same for you – jalisa


you said that i’m perfect for you and you won’t find n0body better
you said that your homie close, you repeated that in your letter
and i’ll let you know (lookin’ at the time, babe)
(you don’t know what you do to me)
you could spark this in your glow (we could really shine, babe)
(fallin’ like the wannabe mcs) (oh)
baby, is it fine, babe? (can i let you go?)
is it really time, babe? (why would you do this? oh)
messin’ with my mind, you’re (i can’t even know)
can i make my mind up?

i wish it was the same for you
now, i don’t know what to do, oh, baby
all of a sudden, you don’t want me no more
my heart dropped down low, down to the floor
you trashеd me, insane, baby, i can’t have you runnin’ away, oh, no

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