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lirik lagu 100/100 – jam-riv


she cracked down and cracked out
my sh-t blew her back out
i’m back now won’t back down
i stepped in and backed out
so these are facts my now
i got my all black red beam
is like my gat how
are we recording?
i don’t know how to act now
this return of the mack brown
blue ropes like it’s smack down
slashing to the rack now
board i broke the gl-ss ouch
all the way from your dads house
you summa muh b-tch
i’m telling her get her bags now
see yuh i hope your glad now
riv bring the strap out
f-ck on a suck a b-tch
f-ckity fick
do you know how to please d-ck
sorry i’m sick
no i need help
cause i’m having fit
duck on a b-tch
in a truck or some sh-t
skirt on a b-tch
coming off like it’s some dirt on a b-tch
hurt i’m the sh-t?
squirt on the bed and i
i nut on her lip
i could rarely get the cut and then dip
cuddling sh-t
back when mike and pain was buddy’s n sh-t
body the sh-t
bag it up and throw a party with it
piñata and sh-t
so we can see what come out of yuh sh-t
wildin and sh-t
my nature boy i’m profiling and sh-t
all on a b-tch
i don’t creep but i’ll crawl on yo bitxh
that’s the reason she be calling and sh-t
all on my d-ck
hold this right quick
how many mics can we drop on this bitxh
i will not fight but in spite of the sh-t
she gone step out but that’s fine
cause look here
im reading you like a book and i hear you
it’s whatever do it all to get near you
call me out i don’t care i don’t fear you
i don’t step in front a lights like deer do
just do it i’m gonna steer you

tell them bitxhes they can kiss my d-ck
and lick that tip
you i know i need it
who cares they never around
and when they around they mistreat it
my rain is gone hit ground
i love that sound
is that white jesus?

ima give you honest mind
bout this time i’m thinking grind
i want green baby green backs
green like slime
still above ground
catch me round like a dime
word around town n-gg-s f-ckin up my dimes
give me my -ssist
and the credit for your rhymes
i’m playing it’s not that serious
for free online
take it to the streets
it’s gone be a long while
n-gg-s lining up it’s gone be a long pile
water i be flowing like niagara to the nile
better learn to swim
or else you gone drown
honk honk honk …..clown