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lirik lagu help me – james fortune


help me

[verse 1:]
exposed to some things that i
shouldn’t have ever seen
my heart is tainted by what i did see
it’s caused an undesirable desire for me in my mind
thoughts are no longer mine
how can i get control of this
i’m in a place where i don’t feel like
i am yours anymore
lord i need your help, cause i’m dying here

[verse 2:]
sometimes i felt like job
wanted to curse my life
why would you give me breath
when i can’t even get this right
my mistakes hurt you
but you still give life to me, oh lord
when i’m with you i’m strong
and your love covers my weaknesses
even in dead of night i can be confident
so please restore your joy
please save me again, cause i’m dying here
fear of judgement has kept this bottled in
it has caused a sense of bitterness
this pain has got to end
you may have the house, the cars, the clothes with emptiness inside
but you’d give it all away if the lord would hear your cry


help me
help me, help me, help