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lirik lagu photographs – james junip


here’s to memories of life and love
here’s to allies, enemies and everything i’m not proud of
here’s to all the words that slipped away when you walked out my door
and here’s to all the drinks i tried to ease the pain with, just one more

you’ll never find i’ve ever taken one moment in vein
i’ve got a lot of memories and endured a lot of pain
i gave away a piece of me you can keep with you
but i gotta save the rest girl so that the next girl can keep another piece of me too

i don’t need no directions, signs, or guidelines where i go
we’ve all got imperfections, but i’m proud of mine

there ain’t no time to dwell upon what the past was like
or whether we can recreate an artificial life
i’m far too busy living to waste on taking photographs
but i have this one, and this i’m sure, it’s earned a place i keep secure
with other memories i’d never throw away, that made me who i am today

this i know, and this im sure
this is all were standing for
i’ve got to leave while i got no regrets
thanks for the memories, i won’t soon forget