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lirik lagu sinatra and i – james keelaghan


[verse 1]
i have to admit there’s a strange tale between us
a twisted road winding between you and i
i was living in a garret on the edges of staten
i was lying in bed, looking out at the night
grey sky exploded, fire rained down
some refinery in jersey burned to the ground
call me superstitious, i called it a sign
i packed up the van, headed out for the line

[verse 2]
i wandered for months, it was gorgeous but somehow
i didn’t know what i was trying to find
the last days of summer found me crossing the border
i was feeling quite lonely, quite out of my mind
i stopped in regina, my spirits were low
if i didn’t do something i was bound to explode
if i was gonna keep traveling i needed a date
rolled the van to a stop at the spca


there he sat curled up back in the corner
face like a bandit and icy blue eyes
he opened the gate and casually strolled
out of the kennel and into my life
[verse 3]
so it was that sinatra and i went a*roving
yeah, that’s what i called him because of his eyes
turns out as well he’s a pretty good singer
though he tends more to blues than to “strangers at night”
old blue eyes beside me we kept heading north
near whitehorse the van finally gave up the ghost
got a job at a cafe where sinatra begged scr*ps
saving our money for spark plugs and maps

[verse 4]
some nights, we have both got cabin fever
we’d go for a walk old sinatra and i
his nose to the ground, sniffing out possibilities
we’re looking out through the dome of the sky
i ask him to sit, he pays me no mind
he’ll do it his way and i’ll do it mine
that’s why i liked him, once more that’s why
i think there’s a future for sinatra and i

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