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lirik lagu the break up – jarren benton


[verse 1: jarren benton]
we used to love each other now we argue, fuss and fight
throwing dishes at a nigga, that ain’t fuckin’ right
i’m paranoid, i go to sleep i gotta tuck a knife
cause she might take my life in the middle of the night
i shouldn’t have cheated, i’m sorry ’bout the side b-tches
but i was cursed with a d-ck, baby, my mind’s twisted
psych, that’s no excuse for the bullshit
but honestly i didn’t believe that you weren’t doin’ shit
uh, and now she want me out the house
she tell a nigga “bounce,” she got me sleepin’ on the couch
and my kids like “d-mn, the living room is dad’s home”
dissin’ on that nigga loading his shows, you mad wrong
d-mn, ain’t nothing like a broke heart
threw my exclusive kicks and shit in the front yard
it gets major, four months later
she can’t stand a nigga drawin’ up divorce papers

[chorus: bingx]
she been mad ever since monday
and it’s already sunday
i mean tomorrow make a week of it
she don’t wanna speak of shit
but you don’t give a fuck about that, though
she don’t give a fuck about that, though
you don’t give a fuck about that, no, no, no
i know i made mistakes, i’m beggin’ you to stay, girl
but you don’t give a fuck about that

[verse 2: jarren benton]
she moving on, now a nigga gettin’ jealous
-ss gettin’ fatter, did it for the new fella
aye, newsletter, what the fuck can you tell her?
b-tch, i ain’t doing bad, shit, i’m stackin’ new cheddar
i still wanna split the nigga’s wig
don’t suck a nigga’s d-ck then go home and kiss the kids
cause that’d be some real foul shit
i hope all ya teeth fall out ya mouth, b-tch
lord knows, i’m sorry i wasn’t loyal
ya sister hate me but ya momma still cordial
i pray to god we find happiness
aye, we deserve it, we carried a lot of baggages
uh, i hope the kids are just swell
don’t date no lames that wear sandals and neck shells
time p-ss, we enjoyin’ our life
aye, once upon a time i called you my wife
and now we out

[chorus: bingx] (x2)