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lirik lagu nothing’s bigger than kong – jason robert brown


new york city is the greatest city
and on every corner
and on every street:
the greatest people that you’ll ever meet
the greatest hot dogs that you’ll ever eat!
what’s been missing from this ‘greatest city’
is the greatest wonder that you’ve ever seen

so i crossed the ocean blue…
so i could bring to you…
a creature so amazing…
like your wildest dreams come true
this fantastic vision can bе yours
step right up and step inside thеse doors!

it’s bigger than the pyramids
it’s bigger than the sphinx
it’s bigger than titanic
and it also never sinks
it crushes the grand canyon and it dwarfs the taj mahal
and makes that old colossus look like debbie’s little doll!
it’s bigger than goliath and a hundred times as strong!
oh, nothin’s bigger than…
king kong!
nothin’s bigger than kong