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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freestyle) – jawn othello



zero to a hunnid homie real quick
let me take ya back home like you coming from a field trip
got something to build wit
& it’s only just the beginning when they be the ones that i split my first mill wit
zero to a hunnid, zero to a hunnid
so fly better tell em that the super hero comin’
wanna be so high, till they waiting for the plummet
know they all think that when i’m doing what they doesn’t
oh i’m crazy with the scheme, crazy on the grind and
i’ma keep on pushing cause it’s all what’s on my mind and
hot when i’m flowing mercury when i’m shining
put me pon di replay till i’m covered all in diamonds
rihanna covered lui uncovered just how i take em
open like a vacancy, in the end leave em vacant
smile in my face, i could spot out all the fake
and so my haters if you hear this i say asalaam alayk-m
uh, good, you better put me on the best scale
west of the dot, from parkdale to rexdale
4 sixteen, you can catch me in the middle though
i’m 4 sixteen so i had to use drizzy flow
yup, grab the bucket and wear it
you local rappers timid, you looking like michael cera
i’m looking at hourgl-sses behinds you know i’m staring
if you looking like that, that outfit is saying look at dis
can’t break, i bend the rules, don’t throw the book at dis
top of the line chef, i’m serving and i’m cookin’ dis
carpe to the diem yeah i live this, truly
see i’m working hard, i see you sleeping, you drooling
got enough fire my presence can melt a rink
coming from the bottom dirty dishes in the sink
don’t think i’m much of a pacifist, get it when you ask for dis
faster than you imagine, don’t close ya eyes even blink
yeah we do the same thing, but you ain’t in my weight cl-ss
name buzzing but you still place last
spend to much time eating, in mornings i have to take a break fast
if you think you flyer than i, you get a plane crash
you ain’t seen none the raps that i’m on
i spit dope, in my city call me capo da don
don’t confuse my inheritance
i bomb on a track like i hopped on a train as a suicide terrorist
wallahi, knew me ‘fore i knew the norm
i been on the dash before they even blew the h-rn
team on my back, wear it like a uniform
get with the movement or headb-tt a unicorn
uh, wisdom over fame
say the team in control we p1 in this game
had a couple fake friends i do not know they names
know they wait for the chance just ride on my fame
cause i cook too good
you can’t steal my shine you ain’t a crook too good
and if anybody act up, get smacked up and jacked up, you prolly won’t look too good
shout outs to shushii, and shouts to bc
duke$ and profound, they stay holding it down
wasn’t playing when i said that i got something to build with
let’s turn it up show em zero to a hundred real quick!