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lirik lagu ’03 adolescence/a tale of 2 citiez – jay abkari


’03 adolescence:
“everybody’s on this rap sh-t.”
umm, i think i know that
it’s been almost 8 years –
and nothing’s been able to hold back –
my confidence to pop off –
even when they said “you’re so whack.”
i’ll never have a change of heart –
cause this is where my soul at
it probably sounds crazy –
but it’s cold where i’m from
i thought you’s from miami –
where it’s warm with that sun
everybody swear they cool –
but in the heat of the moment –
it’s a bunch of cold feet –
and no heat with a gun
now i ain’t looking for problems –
but i got homies with ars
i won’t pull the trigger –
but i’ll sure that they spray y’all
watch your mouth cause nina –
might hit ya for what you say, dawg
i don’t take threats kindly –
so i’ll make sure that you stay gone
ridin’ ’round in a civic –
taking over the city
these n—-s be burning bridges –
then wonder why no one with it
i gave them the shows –
showed ’em the road –
to all the riches –
but they was just hoes –
and didn’t know how to handle business
i’m seriously tired of waiting –
cause everyday i’m debating –
whether people still want hip-hop –
or accustomed to all that fake sh-t
i got a purpose –
and i know that it’s to save it
i’m not playing
i’m half greatness –
half asian when i’m blazing
i’m paper chasing
i’ll do whatever to make it
my grind is now at its finest –
that’s why everybody hates me
i don’t sugarcoat sh-t
i make clear statements
life just ain’t sweet
not from what i’ve tasted

a tale of 2 citiez:
there was a time where –
i ain’t had a pot to p-ss in –
and i still ain’t see no opposition –
now i’m out here politicking –
with some villains in the villas
i swear this the greatest feeling –
next to getting p-ssy
shouts to pac, shouts to big –
shouts to nas too
i’m the chef now, i don’t need to call wu
not every great rapper need to rock jewels –
like it don’t take bars to know ja rule
i can k!ll ’em with the hook; kareem abdul
in this case, i don’t need law school
pre-game in the car, that’s a car pool
don’t front baby, abkari taught you
only god knows what i’ve gone through –
and only god knows what i’m gon’ do
john 2:11
i’m on the stairway to heaven
i had a talk with my reverend
he said that my word a blessing
they talking sh-t, imma check ’em
my city is what i’m repping
the only time that they got me –
is any time that i let ’em
i’m chillin’ here smoking reefer
let’s kick it like fifa
i don’t f-ck with no broke hoes
my chick a diva
i be making money by trading my sneakers
pretty n—- –
gotta cuff for a pair of adidas
most of my shoes got the swoosh –
and i ain’t talking yeezus
f-ck with the boy
you gon’ rest in pieces
you n—-s ain’t no rappers, you a ratchet hoe
n—- got high and thought he had a flow
i be saying sh-t these n—-s wanna quote
n—-s tryna follow anything i’m on
so back up –
before my dawgs start to act up
i’ll make one call –
worth more than all your trash talk
ash my blunt on yo’ -ss
that’s yo’ -ss’ fault
turn your -ss into asphalt, p-ssy