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lirik lagu kingpin – jay [aus]


[verse 1]
stuck in a void of bad days
it’s fear (sphere) of running round in circles like a mouse and cat chase
wishing i could backsp*ce, no b*lls like castrate
all i’m tryna do is live happy & get my cash straight
match made in heaven, fat blades to sever
masquerade whenever
that’s to say i’m better when i catch a case of flu
a rap face for few, catchphrase is new
blaze the booth, pave the way for you young sabretooths
bring these bars for fiends with the hardest schemеs
i won’t stop till i’m a living legend like i’m mastеr p
disaster beats are ours to beat
we chopping tracks up like you pass the trees, grass or weed, it’s hard to see the difference
like maniac or g*nius
they mainly act egregious when they safely act defeated
and maybe that’s what we did, not like i’ve never seen it
but all that i believe is that i’m crazy at this beast sh*t

tune into this deep spit, leakin like my ink pen
up n coming kingpin, dirty like the grease pit
tune into this deep spit, leakin like my ink pen
up n coming kingpin, dirty like the grease pit

[verse 2]
unreleased sh*t when i open file
say i won’t go the mile to spell it out k solo style, like time’s up
these rhymes rough, it’s fine stuff
and try us, there’s a bias like b, i keep it moving
got a flame mind on the mainline
i try to remain fine n at the same time play kind
watch the game wind up n down like i heard through the grape vine like we make wine
came wired to make a stain
why you sleeping on it?
these masses actin like they’re stuck on deep hypnotics
and shouts out to the wack, prepare to be demolished
with bars and beats and strategic logic
your whole regime abolished
can’t keep up with the heat i’m dropping
they can’t stand the noise they’re telling me “you need to stop it”
like jeez i got it just tryna get some cheese in pocket
maybe some g’s, forgot it
screw it, with ease i’ll just top it
seeping knowledge underground, they’re saying he’s demonic
every week i’m on it, need to comment on these weak ironic grown kids
predictable, go hit the fool
heed these written rules, formidable, you’re minuscule and pitiful
you know i’m in the kitchen, these tracks are fine dining
done by nine and try lie that this line rhyming ain’t quite fire
that’s why i’m climbing ranks i’ll fly higher
so don’t deny this brighter divine writer
eat sh*t