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lirik lagu 15 freestyle (prod. by fantom) – jay f’ass


ayo, watch this
f’ass with them bands, talkin’ hot sh*t
but i stay cool, all black and not a drip
but h*lla drops in this thing, there go the cliff
if you lucky, hang on
but mufasa, don’t slip
got the bars like i rolled up to the ice cream theme
i miss kobe more n more, f*ck it, ball while you sleep
rest in peace
listen, i’m just tryna live my lil paradise
rock a couple cubans iced
wake up to some sloppy from my wifey*wife
that’d be nice, but that’d be too easy
that sh*t ain’t enough
got a fam that need feedin’
diamond in the rough
digging deep got my hands bleedin
it’s f*ck you, and f*ck off to anyone with some treason
what’s the reason?
cardi b poppin like a diva
a couple things was offset, now get a lil easy
when i d*ck her down, then i’ma do it sl!ck and sleazy
roughen up, grip tight and squeeze dat ass
she beggin, “please don’t leave me”
tryna make a couple million makin n*ggas shed a tear
stealin’ b*tches hearts
music bout a love that’s really real
i’m not into fake sh*t
no, i don’t need a fantasy
and i don’t need no girl who gonna tell me keep my hands to me
hands on, to the waist
spank that ass, watch ya face
bring it back, lemme taste
d*mn, i’m goin little crazy
this feel just like abc’s
‘cept dis sh*t don’t end at z
it start back at 1
and don’t fall off, my flow infinity
this beat is ridiculy
sound like it’s from kenny beats
i be in my own bat cave
come and visit me
atl, been a g
“s.y.l.”, beep*beep*beep
wrote this in like 15
n*ggas gon remember me, ayy
yea, yea
uh*huh, yea, yea
wrote this in like 15
n*ggas gon remember me*