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lirik lagu 17 – jay melo


oh yea mmmh is jay melo on the beat ,jay melo get the bag betro

intro ‘
seventeen , seventeen mmmmh is the 17 yeah the seventeen mmmmmh

(verse 1)
i dropped out in hood , this n*ggas is fighting me
i pulled up in my crib mama need me in that zone
i was f*ckin go crazy they pretending on me
i’m on one way life i want the better life stop hating on me for real sh*t
2k19 mama was crying solving issues
she need a tissue crab all this sh*t on my side i was kicking
i don’t even gon liе i’ve done sh*t in the past , running and running
chillingly in housе that was ring ping, listening to my tracks everyday every morning (that’s vibe)
i hit the bounce back when i see my crush on, membe them days just living life now f*ckin broke
keep the price on the pipe i wanna go hard
i work hard on my sh*t right now i’ve been cooking , (too long)
more sh*t coming i drop punches in my frosty eye’s on red sh*t , got tight
big drip ice chain that’s my babe , wann get my self a black queen, get her fashion
the cutest member days mama shouting at me jezxus
sh*t happened an i just move couse it hurts prolly it was hard when we start , we flex like we never touch some pretty papers on us
no no n*gga don’t play life hurts
am f*ckin stressed i just need money
daddy where you at am screaming yo name in the valley where yu at bro

seventeen, seventeen hhhmmm ohhhh
seventeen mmmmm
the seventeen mmmmm ohhh
the seventeen oooh oh
seventeen mmmmm seventeen
ooh ooh seventeen
oooh yeah
(verse 2)
i think am gone win it if press the name god
wake up don’t chill ma n*gg oh (yo)
trapping all day long is crazy but it pays off
chill wit ma n*gg is kinda vibe coz , we on play in da boxes we tryna forget about the past , got my self a jolly when i hit back ey
stop dawg acting like jezus we in season
rapin is ma sh*t i murdered my flows
i remember you’we close
i wann be cool
i wann go crazy
like wassup hoe
she wann get ride she wann get pop in bed
p*ssy so wet like oh she’s seventeen
got jolly on me b*tch still talkin in my room
she said i call you late then i put my phone on silent
i don’t wann smash her coz she ain’t got no vibe
playing in the street got me rappin 18
i do lot sh*t

mmmmh the seventeen
mmmmh yeah the seventeen
mmmmh yeah seventeen seventeen
mmmmh yeah