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lirik lagu 2cells – jay mundo


verse 1: jay mundo
two cell phones i won’t let you hit me
i’m so strung out it ain’t hard to miss me
i chain smoke milds, reason she won’t kiss me
i know someday, they want me dead like 50
many men tried to come up on my riches
i know some day they want me wrapped in stitches
yeah, snitches only thing a real n*gga afraid of
i ain’t’ never going back to when i ain’t have no paper
paperboy status, move ‘round like this atlanta
i could take another pill or grab another blue fanta
she say the molly gave her wisdom, she was dirty diana
i had toss her out the crib cause she was dirty like this hammer, yeah
fast car
imma take that b*tch out to the five star
high c in the cut we jacked up
jackboys with me, we don’t wrestle
i was in the uk telling hoes to p*ss off
when i’m off them sticks i hate i’m p*ssed off
wait wait
imma get this stick and take your top off
sp*ce jam coup, yeah we gone launch off
sh*t on these hoes like r. kelly
b*tch i got my arms ready
nike headband like i’m nelly
lean it fill my gut, belly
got up, i feel good
like i’m stuck up
we some high class junkies
watch us turn our nose up
my nuts up, she looks up
yeah man, you know how i’m coming
yeah.. sh*t, you know how i’m bomin
big b’s n*gga. rose gold
tell ’em what’s good, slatt

verse 2: ro$egld
i keep two cellphones on me
one for the homies and one for the reup
if you told me you love me baby girl i don’t believe ya
you goin have to show me what it means
crazy how they straighten up when i pop on the scene
you can check the stats on all my team
i keep two cell phones on me
one for the homies and one for the streets
i was still the bomb before i blew up
don’t be actin cousin cuz i knew ya
baby if you cream imma scoop ya
on god i’m green hallelujah
i just beat a case
so get the uff up out my face
next stop 1st place
wake up young guy look alive
rose out the concrete don’t you look surprised
big bank numbers i think i should move to ozark
you should let me slide through baby what’s your landmark
shorty got that ocean had to find my way with sonar
do this with ease boy i ain’t even go hard