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lirik lagu wicked wizard wordsmith – jay (oz)


yeah, sus it
one with the earth, the holy spirit of perth
behold the scriptures with words as a whole when spitting these verses
coldest and the boldest, i been spitting with a purpose
there isn’t a different version of the wicked wizard wordsmith
learn this as i burn this, hotter than a furnace
the ghost behind the door, been living h*lla earnest
only white that you ever had was sherbet
brodie tried to jack son for a fiddy like curtis
thought go quicker than hal 9 thou, i gotta outlinе how
every single rhyme’s foul likе wow
accent so raw, couldn’t sound my vowels
jaydie on the microphone when he shouts like loud
to get the crowd like ow, and sh*t i’m down right proud
these other rappers take a persona they found like cloud
being on the outside is the only down side now
you could bite the sound but my sound bites leave your mouth wide
and it’s outsized, won’t sound right pal, hagh
i put the art and write this in arthritis
my frontal’s like i spark lighters, sharp brightness
and everything i touch is gold, modern king midas
i spit the bronchitis, could never touch what i on
treat the negativity like i’m a charged ion
man of my word and these words are i die on
and trust that i’m tryna hit the mills like zion
bet you hearing this and wonder “ what the heck the guy on?”
unchained, they tried to lock me down like tai lung
the fine don icon pipe bomb
even when i talk people asking if the mic’s on
but the crown is really what i got my eye on
carrying energy like a pylon from night til dawn
better check it when i set
so watch me go from unspoken brethren to outspoken legend and i’m ghost

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