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lirik lagu fever story – jay5ive


(jules the producer)
grah, grah, grah, grah
gra gra boom
better get out the*

the funds getting low
im down on my d*ck
i got at that age where no one give me sh*t
like i need me a plan cuz i got a kid
i keep telling bro to go set up a l!ck
he like brodie just listen you buggin
just stick to rappin and you gon be rich
but i ain’t tryna here that i’m thuggin
like i needa get right back up on my sh*t
first off let me say how it went
we had to pin where [?] sits
but the plan’s not going our way
there’s a reason that bro was chillin with bro since
do i call her and tell her to move?
or do i say f*ck it and up it on a b*tch
one side of me wanna say that’s family
other side tryna tell me jay5ive is you gon fl!ck?
i say f*ck it and start walking up
he better hope that the boy got his gun
chains lookin pricey, chains looking icy
and i think that i really want every one
like don’t think i’m playing i ain’t for nun
he beggin like i don’t know what he done
he say he a good kid not one of them
he screaming don’t shoot me i got a son
i ain’t feelin bad to be on his [?]
but i’m tryna show you that i’m really slime
so take off the jewelry and give me these car keys
and you and you and this b*tch that you with gon be fine
if i ever feel that you boutta reach before you can think ima start throwin 9
he giving his chains, he givin his keys
she real get to shakin right there on the side
she kinda look back, she starin at me
she looking real deeply into my eyes
i got on my ski and its kinda dark so i hoping that she do not recognize
im tellin the b*tch i don’t mean to do it so i’m really sorry if i waste your time
she start listening she sit at the front cuz she already know the g is behind
now im runnin right thru a alley
tryna get to my block but this sh*t looking cali
know the lights getting closer.. (someone continue)

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