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lirik lagu paris and maurice – jayaire woods


it’s just different

hey, i just seen pj at the g station
i was just grabbin’ some swishers
same face as we was kids but his eyes looked a lil’ different
pain in his convo, codeine in his level
wished him well as i left but we chopped it up for a minute
pops died when he was young
and i know it f-cked with his mental
problems deeper than the ocean, you couldn’t cry him a river
moms kicked him out at 15, couldn’t handle his temper
he moved in with his first love; kendra and her big sister
been sellin’ drugs, sh-t got worse ’cause he was makin’ noise
poppin’ his own pills ’til them phone calls had him paranoid
like “how i know you? oh d-mn, meet me on the corner, then”
no, just a bless when he had that order in
got popular for poppin’ up on n-ggas when the drama’s on
just got a 40 caliber, kendra fillin’ out college forms
back of his mind, pj knew he wasn’t good for her
lotta disrespect, but felt protected from them hood wars
and now it’s more beef, acquirin’ more heat
f-cked up part; it ain’t the other side, it’s from the core streets
so-and-so been cappin’ ’bout pj like he a shorty
one person who always steered clear of that street sh-t was maurice
pops not in his life neither, but his moms got it
car crackin’ had that n-gga up, never sold narcotics
was in love with the flashy sh-t: fendi belt, activis
spoiled by his ogs, so he never had to ask for sh-t
eat off silver spoons, flat screen living room
moms know she gave him too much for the streets
the n-gga doomed
but he love hoes
that’s his main thing, and hoes love him back
type to trick off on him and never ask for his money back
well, back to pj, he say the opps got down on his cousin
say kendra got accepted to u of i like it’s nothin’
got kicked out from valley west
and got transferred to a [?]
that’s a alternative school for the n-ggas fightin’ and thuggin’
said kendra just got pregnant, they not sure if they should keep it
she too scared to get abortion, so for now that sh-t a secret
don’t think he gon’ finish school, tryna figure it out
he don’t come up with somethin’ and big sister kickin’ him out
the summer after senior year was crazy
’cause the situation’s gettin’ further away from his ladies
she been makin’ new friends, they been arguin’ daily
he was out hustlin’, while she was at the doctor for the baby
the raps weren’t workin’ out, the traps weren’t workin’ out
so what that n-gga got sittin’ on his lap’s gon’ be the turnabout
double-back on that block, got the strap for the murder route
his name’s gettin’ heavy
and the streets strictly all vert him out
kendra don’t approve; “it’s a baby on the way”
think he got nothin’ to lose; “the lord could take me any day”
had a baby right in august, she took that semester off
got a job ’cause loans can’t cover what bein’ a freshman cost
that resentment buildin’ up ’cause pj just can’t get it right
and he take everything wrong, every night another fight
think she sacrificed everything for a n-gga who ungrateful
got postpartum depression, so her words a little hateful
baby’s still a newborn, so when she sleep, her mother sleep
pj still up, he thinkin’ backwards, his thoughts is runnin’ deep
kendra phone ringin’ like when mother don’t know what to think
unlock her code, and the first thing he f-ckin’ sees
maurice in her dm, she told him she ain’t happy
but she wouldn’t f-ck with him because she love her baby-daddy
but she flirtin’ back, he offered her a ride in the caddy
sayin’ loyalty to paris too strong to drop the addy
pj remember maurice, used to see him in the parking lot
always had a new whip, loud mouth, liked to talk a lot
played it cool the first day, ain’t handle it the worst way
he act like he ain’t see it, thinkin’ how he wanna treat it
she go to sleep again and pj back in the dms
responded like he kendra, told maurice he wanna see him
and maurice dropped the addy, it’s ’bout like 1 in the mornin’
he thinkin’ he gon’ f-ck but pj made the appointment
he pull up, know this the right spot, he saw the jeep truck
maurice got a high-rise, can’t walk in, gotta beep up
textin’ like he kendra, told maurice to come and get her
got off the elevator, said he ain’t see her, must have missed her
text back “come to the door, it’s kind of late”
as he open it, pj walk up, he don’t got no time to waste
gimme everything you got, know you not gon’ miss it
maurice never been no street n-gga, but for sure materialistic
he reach inside his pocket real slow, act like he give in
the recipe, straight to the floor, f-cked up the mission
pj ain’t come there to shoot him, just came there to rob him
now they tusslin’ and paris ain’t have no plan for this problem
he pushed him off quick, dash back, pick up the stick
maurice run off, he shot him in the back, ain’t make no sense
he came there for bread, was tryna get the n-gga embarr-ssed
and now he on camera, shootin’ a resident at the terrace
police come, they watch the tapes, identify it’s paris
he never went back home, daughter missin’ her parent
girl missin’ her n-gga, and now he miss her for good
he must have thought jail was the best
why he could get up out the hood