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lirik lagu 1433 ronald dr – jayegovember


i just got to keep it
they know jayego keep it 100 no it’s not a secret
every step is premeditated yea i’m so strategic
looking at the man in the mirror i guess i’m conceited i know my time is cause i can see it
if it was up to me you couldn’t f-ck
with me luckily
i’m still with the same n-gg-s who was stuck with me
i remember when they turned they back on me
but you see how the tables turn
yea its back on me
i just wanna make em regret all the sh-t that they did
i remember dreaming bout this sh-t
when i was a kid
i remember coming home without no food in the fridge
i remember being broke like i can’t do this again
i remember back in december i was cold as winter locked up with all these pretenders
brown sack lunch is what i made for dinner
yea i remember why the f-ck would i forget that
i get it in it ain’t no time to sit back
they know

how you doing baby
been watching how you moving baby
thinking bout you wondering how you been doing lately
it’s been a minute since we had a conversation
now let’s take this conversation to a place where me and you can face it
why they hating cause i’m working hard without a station
got to help my mama she just got out and she on probation
not to mention that she ain’t comfortable with her location
not to mention she flipping out cause she know life is changing
not to mention that i been isolated don’t know how to take it
i been thinking ahead bro
i’m never thinking basic
you living for the moment y’all ain’t got a schedule
like my n-gg- cyrus say we playing chest they playing checkers
i’m listening to this n-gg-s talking wreck less on these records i’m listening to your music y’all need to get it together
cause you trash n-gg-
when i hear your music i just laugh n-gg-
but you not the only so don’t feel bad n-gg-
feel like you got something to prove that’s why you brag n-gg-
i just let my actions speak then i talk last last n-gg-
young n-gg- dreamed about this shyt when i was young n-gg-
they say that i’m that i’m number 1 but i’m not the one n-gg-
so you better come correct when you talking funds n-gg-
gotta humble myself i ain’t gotta floss for none n-gg-
so if you don’t see me just know i’m on the run to the rode to riches never knowing when my time come
know a couple n-gg-s from the south side
700 block me and my n-gg-s kicked it outside
no procrastinating we struggle and now we aiming to success
when you never had sh-t the goal is try to get the rest
when it comes to music they look at me like a threat disrespect then i’m aiming at your neck ima vet
i was writing on the wall like i was trying to write a check
i don’t bang but i put that on my set that’s a bet
you can’t hang with me n-gg- i suggest that you rest
n-gg-s change when they see that you the best off the press
in my lane cause these n-gg-s sound the same
but your time is temporary once they put me in the game
i pray for all my enemies it’s hard to explain i’m so focus on the grind that i’m numb to the pain sometimes i think to myself i’ve mentally gone insane
you can look me in my eyes an you can see that i done change they know