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lirik lagu 1-800-his-loss – jaylakeshore


jay lakeshore man yo
you always acting different
sh*t ain’t adding up i will subtract myself a mathematician
shut the door on all them other n*ggas but you had admission
hit you up you never hit me back and that caused some suspicion
i’ll never question my intuition
i’m the perfect package but i guess you can’t afford the shipping
on the book reacting to hoes pictures swear you always fishing
tired of playing games with you cause it feel like you always winning
i get jealous but i’m stubborn i won’t say sh*t
you sub*tweeting like a b*tch you on that g*y sh*t
thinking bout the sh*t i let you get away with
tell me that you love me you don’t mean it you just saying it
you were supposed to be my peace of mind
said someone had took your heart from you i gave a piece of mine
played me like a goofy swear to god you was the mastermind
everything was black and white and you still acted colorblind
i’m getting high so i won’t give a f*ck
you mean so much to me boy i ain’t never wanna give you up
your n*ggas left you down but i was always there to pick you up
then you let me down it feel like i ain’t never getting up
i ain’t taking no more phone calls
celly on do not disturb i’m bout to turn my phone off
but you always find a way to make it seem like my fault
then i start to cave cause my perceptions always thrown off
i was fine before i met you
but i take all the blame you f*cked me over cause i let you
you won’t find another me or something better boy i bet you
f*ck your fake ass homies
oh yeah n*gga f*ck your set too
your homies was tryna kick too
told me you was broke and he said that you was a b*tch too
told me i was better off if i wasn’t with you
when you caused the waterworks your bro came with the tissues
but i stayed ten toes
i still loved your lying ass and i ain’t want your grimey bros
you was addicting just like crack you was all under my nose
but you f*cked this up yourself f*cking with them others hoes
b*tch i f*cked with you heavy
i tried to give you something real but you wasn’t ready
you tried to rock the boat while i was tryna to keep that sh*t steady
we tried to talk it out but you was always acting so petty
jay lakeshore man
f*ck you talking bout