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lirik lagu demon mode – jayshaun


she tryna play me like i’m stupid man i’m done with her
had n*ggas crazy bout that coochie i was one of em
these n*ggas lazy and they goofy we make fun of em
i told her we can shoot a movie but don’t come with him

(don’t bring em)

if he wanna play something we gon put them drums on him
yeah my homie sl!ck tryn text my b*tch wassup with em
he know how i get when it’s smoke ima treat em like i ain’t ever had no love for him
as far as the b*tch ion go back and forth with no women we all be f*cking em
as far as the b*tch ima f*ck her tonight cause i’m hard ash*t
35 minutes the hardest d*ck
i was getting into at school and my teacher ain’t like me cause i was the smartest kid
tryna run with me let’s how far you get
stepping on sh*t like i’m nardo wick
middle fingers all over my rockstar denim
polo and 1s my starter kit

she gave me the number today i prolly won’t call the b*tch i’m honest
ima go get some money today like i play for the bucks and i’m balling on n*ggas like giannis
i’m coming from philly where you hear the choppers and sirens, i’m not tryna talk about violence
cause we see a lot of it , i had to turn to a college kid
i hope my grandmother proud of it
i’m prolly chilling, (yeah)
or stuffing my d*ck in a college b*tch (facts)
i tell a pretty girl get on her back cause i wanna look at ya face when i crack

the way that i swim and i always come first and i don’t ever stop they should give me a plaque
(all i know is go go go go go)
like i’m from the raq (yeah)

everytime you see the camera, throw the gang up
poke that ass out a lil more and you’ll be famous
yeah even if my name was bad habits you can’t change us
this sh*t really in me so it’s not something contagious