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lirik lagu 10am – jaystar


i swear i see the hate in your eye’s
i’m big papi to these hoes you a small fry
i keep the window rolled up when i ride by
cause i don’t see n0body real just a bunch of lie-er’s
last time i checked i was living well
palm tree chilling model chicks wait at the hotel
i know you f-ck n-ggas doubted me
but i’mma keep it cool man my mother proud of me
gotta love that overseas money, overseas shows, getting overseas hunnids
oversea hoes, so i’m oversea stunting
they done think i had it made homie you ain’t seen nothing
man i’m feeling like al pacino, like back when he used to play around with kilos
yeah amigo, we drink mojito’s, get more cerveza’s, we getting rico
champagne and fast cars, that is my motivation bound to get it from the start
cause we came up from nothing and we still spitting these bars
fast forward two years guaranteed we made it far
you gotta love it like you what you want it
and when you get a spot just appreciate the moment
that’s why i’m on my grind i ain’t acting like i own it
but when i get me a lambo i’mma drive it like i stole it
you ever wanted something so bad
that no matter how many times you failed you go back
that’s how i feel every time i be writing rap’s
that’s how i feel every time i record a track
i never cared about a critic
they listen to the beat they don’t listen to my lyrics
so i’mma keep on hitting em with everything i’m thinking
i ain’t trying die broke so you hardly see me sleeping
for real tho, we don’t play-doh, i’m up early trying big up my dinero
i remember last year i ain’t know how to steer
now i roll up to the block riding through in 5th gear
you know they call me nova, i told you that i’m here to take ova
i told you not to get up out your sofa, i’m coming through 120 range rover
i done seen people get dropped
trying to build a dream a bullet make your world stop
ain’t n0body trying to call the cops, ain’t n0body down to get hot
jay is the name, star is the aim, supreme is the gang
god is what i follow, f-ck em is the motto
i’m here to get this money like a youngin hit the lotto
why do i feel hollow, i swear i love it when they swallow
so baby s-x me like we gonna die tomorrow
and i’mma pop a bottle so i could drown all my sorrows
man i feel like the sopranos, that’s why i never have my eyes closed
i keep on cruising down the avenue, sipping on what only god knows