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lirik lagu friday night heights – jazz


[verse 1]
twelve night
flip on the light
slip on a black hoodie d-mn
i pick up the phone
call up your wife
tell her i got 20 grams
i had her at that
couldn’t say no
came to scoop me minutes later
smoked her to mars
then i got lost up in that b-tch fridgerator
the night was young
heard about drugs at this house party near
the girl was high
“nahh i couldn’t drive.”
i took the keys and a beer
and i make my way to the motherf-cking crib
where all the zombies be chill
smelling like dung bug when i walked through the patio
all these b-tches must ill
seen my homie from a cl-ss that i really don’t remember
holding like four white cups
said “what up?” to my n-gga
ended up with my hand wrapped around some thick purple stuff
he was like codeine make lean
but he said it all slow i could not catch on
i just took like two sips, then a few sips
pretty soon the whole thing’s gone
i’m heavy as f-ck, weigh like a ton
slower than cleveland talks
i’m up on the wall catching my fall
checking how that booty walks
yo sweet come here, tell me your name
if it’s like catherine or something
i’ll probably forget
unless you use your smile to suck down my vein
she insist, and i infer
have you ever f-cked on mink fur?
she shook her head, left to the right
then i got that famous smirk on my face
but i really can’t feel cause the a/c froze
and i’m still f-cking gone
took her to the hallway
stuffed up in the closet
still got wild in them draws
didn’t get her number, but i got her address
and i might show up tomorrow
but for now i’m coming way down off high
and i want to sit back on my star
cruising around the place
yo i’m lucky, kitchen stumbled upon
seen a whole lot of pizza
plus a young chief whose reefer’s bundled and orange
he gave me a joint packed to maximum volume
asking if i want some more
all i needed was a fl!ck of the flame and some aim
and soon i’ll be back on board