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lirik lagu only you – jazzmeia horn


[jazzmeia h*rn, jamison ross, ]


[verse 1]

live in my thoughts
travel with me to and fro
there are many of them, but you fill up the sp*ce
you are always around
on my way home from the day’s journey, and as i sit down
and in my mirror, i see your face

[verse 2]

attempt to call
answer my calls

though my daily work’s been completed, i am still very tired
though my daily work was difficult
i lay me down to sleep just fine
i won’t sleep
then, randomly, i awake
my mind ponders
is he thinking of me? i wonder
i open my eyes, calm but eager
he must know i’ll call
i answer my phone
and you pick up right away
antic*p*ting your beautiful tone
i can hear in your tone
i’m grateful it’s you
you’ve been waiting for me all day
the woman i’ve been waiting to speak to

[verse 3]

honor and respect me as the king that i am
hide your deepest and most passionate love
and show me love so sincere
in the back corner on the highest shelf in my heart

that in my loving you
that god is love
as broad as the universe may be
and that the god in me will love you continuously
the goddess in me will always treasure your love