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lirik lagu 0-100 freestyle – jbars


0-100 yall fake, everybody wana rap n-ggas thinkin they drake
or actin like they trap i’ll take what you make
tell you where to get it back, what time, and the date
ughh* my n-ggas tellin me to chill right?
b/c when i start wit the spittin the sh-t get real right?
the game p-ssy and it’s real tight
i said im “carolina king” b/c i feel like it
ain’t n0body gone do sh-t about that
n-ggas might tweet or be a b-tch up in a stat
talkin bout me..that’s all, that’s that
won’t lay a finger, pull a trigger won’t attack
i done infiltrated this sh-t, n-gga it’s a wrap
whole city muhf-cka put dat b-tch up on my back
n-ggas claimin they nice until i see they stats
talkin bout the trap and ain’t never got a pack
i’m like ’03 beans, you n-ggas gettin smacked
yall b-tches gettin f-cked, yall wips gettin jacked
if i ever catch word that you chillin wit them rats
b-tches keep it real, they b they tellin me relax
shawty thick -ss fat, gimme head ina bed
then she go 2 sleep, me? i’ll sleep when im dead
pull my pants up then get back to the bread
always blowin marley blunts, n-gga shoulda grew the dreads
now a days skee get his bud outta state
i call nette and tell her what i want and the weight
but if i need it quick i got a plug ina tre
f-ck da b-tches i only hit da club to get paid
n-gga ima boss you a body in the makin
catch u while you lackin’ masked up im blankin
like it’s playstation,ooh i got the rifle
you n-ggas suicidal, you gone need a bible
main fan base…in charlotte and the tre
got ’em all on my d-ck, off the words a n-gga say
hoes. f-ck a dinner and a date
get sum liq and sum weed, hit some b-tches up @ state
ughh that’s a night cap, i talk that sh-t up in my raps kuz im like dat
been out dis b-tch for a minute sh-t i might lap…
you lil n-ggas just beginning where my knife at? im bouta cut sum’n
1 eye open aiming like im duck huntin
ol winston -ss n-ggas i had enough of em
oh no lotta n-gga like jokes, bruh tlkin crazy on that molly and that c0ke
barskie know respect alotta n-ggas dont, i know im finna blow alotta n-ggas won’t
they be talkin bout they hoes and i donte even say much
all i know i met that b-tch on facebook
f-cked her in some dirty ball shorts and i needed a shape up
and still got the p-ssy, you deserve the steel if you feel ima rookie
i always did what other lil n-ggas couldn’t
still at the top of the hill and im looking…where the loot?
the cash, the mula, for it i act a fool
u gotta problem my n-gga? then what it do?
puttin the city on. dont hate it just salute