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lirik lagu run it up – jctuff


running these checks and i cash out (yeah)
driving my whip, i’m doing the dash out (skrt)
hustling for money, ain’t gonna tap out (nah)
i want the money to send to my paypal, nah (huh?)
i do not give her no p-ss out
don’t get us mad, ​’cause we gonna lash out
wearing the forces, [???]
catch you lacking, my n-gga we gon’ pop-out, ou (grrrow)
she never seen n-ggas like me (like me)
she’s checking my fit, nike (nike)
she loving my drip highly (she loving it)
she call my phone, texting me (h-llo?)
man, these b-tches be so thirsty (they thirsty)
i got told from a little birdie (birdie)
these b-tches be so dirty (dirty)
i give you the world if you worthy (nah)
sike, i lied (huh?)
getting money’s my journey (what, what)
i can see clearly now, before that it was blurred (what, hey)
i got the flow, b-tch i ain’t st-rdy (nah)
i’m on my grind, f-ck what’s on the [???] (aye)
talking that sh-t, is you on a percy? (huh?)
​’cause all my n-ggas don’t miss, huh?
bang, hit ya whip up, 30 (ou)

aye (ou)
run it up, run it up, run it up
what, what