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lirik lagu dime for dime – jdsnevermissin


(yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh)
(no glocks)
(free shiesty, free ysl)

y’all can get in line just to suck me off two times
them forgiatos mine they pullin’ up like the vine
give a f*ck if this sh*t cap ‘cus they know that this sh*t a vibe
got these b*tches shakin’ ass and they know that they down to ride

i had to beat on the beat like a beast but they know that i’m gon’ eat on the beat like a feast
i told these b*tches retreat but they never wan’ leave cus’ they nеver wan’ disturb the peacе
if i drop the top then a star underneath, it’s me, i’m tryna go chill in the seats
i wanted a wraith but i had to go flee the scene from all the police

i’m nevermissin this sh*t like the vision if you cross me out then i’m gon’ cut you off
i’m in the kitchen the water be whippin’ i’m stirrin’ the pot ‘cus they know i got sauce
i make a song just to show you i’m different and cap on the beat like they do to a saw
i made a song just to get a reaction if everyone spazzin’ they know that they soft

y’all can get in line just to suck me off one time
first it was some dollars but now i go dime for dime
give a f*ck about no buddy b*tch you is not no slime
you out your f*ckin’ mind if you think that you takin’ mine
you could die (you could die)

you could die, you could die, you could die
like a plane b*tch they know that i been fly
got the gas b*tch they know that i been high
in the sky, in the sky, in the sky
aye bro free ysl
this gas is fye as h*ll
i hit yo’ b*tch, i beat her back
i said i might as well
she got that clientele
but i’ve got mine as well
no onlyfans, her only man is me
i’m high as h*ll

(mmm… everything goes wrong)
(free shiesty, free ysl)



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