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lirik lagu 100 – jef jon sin


keep it one one hun

one hun

thirsty, in search of the water
i know i gotta go a little farther

got it looking easy when its harder

cause you never know
did you come here to bull sh-t or build?
cause i’m good at both
want a lie or the truth
i ain’t telling both
want a pepsi or a c-ke?
i ain’t selling both
here we go
another trip from atl to houston
i’m i 20 west and i’m cruising
it’s been 200 miles smoking wax
everybody thats pulled over thats black
i could move wait with my white skin
if i don’t wanna go to jail i got the right skin
a lot sterling died selling mix tapes
i’ve been selling mix tapes since the sixth grade
tell me this ain’t what you want
my bro got peeled for a f-ckin blunt
one gram and he couldn’t make bail
when cops k!lling and they never go to jail

one hun

i’m the
human form of 100 emoji
storm coming straight from god and its holy
time moving fast in this ho
how long can you last in this ho
and what we got here is a little sitch
time to change it up make a little switch
aye, don’t be a little b-tch
take chances and live, and get rich
and you gonna make it sticking to the plan
i’m just trying to get up to the promise land
would police k!ll me like sandra bland?
no, probably not cause i’m not as tan

one hun

i’ma k!ll one, if i got one time i’m a k!ll one
uh, f-ck the one time
sh-t the turtle went slower and he still won
put my voice on the wax so i live long
in the scheme of it all we don’t live long
real sh-t though the legacy will live on
and theres a theme in it all you can live from
i’m spitting like a baby with a bib on
god told me things to say and this is one
deep inside we all the same
the hawks, the flame, the cost to gain
this is the system
lost again i lost the gain
the psychosis
this is the propaganda
this is the functionality
this is the tradition of our culture
of our system
this is the indoctrination
this is the way it works
and its f-cked up
and its a crime
and if you’re not doing anything to stop it
you’re an accessory to a crime
face the music
why can’t you keep it one
why can’t you keep it one hundred?
ninety nine isn’t one hundred
can’t you keep it one hundred?
why can’t you keep it one hundred?