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lirik lagu everything but love – jeff bridges


“everything but love”

you can have a mansion
you can have twenty million dollars in the bank
you can have a twelve car garage,
golden fixtures and a marble sink
you can have everything
but it just won’t be enough
if you have
everything but love

yes you can have desires
that are ignited by someone you see
but if it isn’t a two way street
you gotta move on though you still believe
could have been everything
but it just wasn’t the one
when it’s
everything but love

’cause all our dreams turn into ashes
in the flames of loneliness
when the only thing that’s missing
is what makes the rest make sense
and the moon cries on the mountains
when it looks down from above
and it sees
everything but love

you can win the lottery
sittin’ on top of the world one day
just as quickly as it all came in
the tide can carry it away
if i lost everything
i know i could give it up
if i lost everything but love