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lirik lagu 4 u – jeff scott soto


lay your body down, come a little closer
the night belongs 2
u & me, oh love
there’s no denyin’ the things i
wanna do with upre:
just thinkin’
bout your every touch
drivin me crazy& if i try 2
tell u what u mean 2 mei’d only lose those words
chorus:ooh baby, the 1 think i knowis
i won’t let u go, no, no
& if you’re ever lonely…
i’ll b there 4 u
close your eyes now
darlinlet me take off all your clothes
as i whisper a
fantasy or 2, oh baby
if i promised 2 take it slow
can we go all the way?
justdreamin’ bout your every touch
drivin’ me crazy& every little thing u do 2 me
really turns me
onoh, mama the 1 thing that’s trueis i
won’t let u go, no.& if u ever need me

i’ll b there 4 ui
just don’t care about wrong or
right, no
all i care baby, all i care baby,
is ’bout u & me, u & me 2night