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lirik lagu technicolor – jelani jacana



[verse 1: jelani jacana]

yeah n-gga
i’m so high above the ground
i won’t come down don’t make a sound
don’t make me think i’m zoning out
n-gga burn that kush, n-gga light that kush
that technicolor unlike no other
that purple haze, that master yoda
i’m in the stars, i’m so relaxed now rub my back
let me feel that -ss, let me see them t-ts, let me see that zip
n-gga save them clips now take a sip
we’ll fly away, comeback some day, baby take my hand
we got 10 blunts 4 heads, flame pack that’s code red
head high that’s brain dead, exotica, i’m feeling numb
i’m going dumb, super dumb, follow me we’ll have some fun
b-tch i’ll let you roll ? while i face one
i’m all about it, all about it, this feeling they can’t take away
no one can stop me, i’m vibing in them flashing lights
them flashing lights, that technicolor
unlike no other, that anesthesia, w-lly wonder
up in the front got three queens in the back
girl breaking down that sack, now seal that sh-t
d-mn you look delicious, with that red lipstick
now p-ss that b-tch, walking in the sky i feel like anakin
that cannabis, watch me hit 160, can you handle it?
up in the cut twisting them up, can’t see these n-ggas i’m faded as f-ck
shotgun a kiss the feeling is bliss, ?
i’m cool when i trip, f-ck what you say i dont give a sh-t
all of these n-ggas can hop off my d-ck, hot box the ship
i’m zoned with my b-tch just me and my clique