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lirik lagu 1day (halloween remix) – jeremie sevigny


(verse 1)
jj jogging on the jukebox
jazzy with the hop and the hips follow the beat hop
dizzy of the pot, and the freaks saying it’s so hot
work with it a lot, til i harvest on my crop
crawlin, walking, then i run, and jumping on the rock
crown a fallin to babylon, ever shining jah jah sun
to make growing ganja done, now we having lots of fun
man a smoking on my favorite that providing good feeling
and we coulda even wheeling, mari never makes me squealing
only makes me tired
mari giving understanding, that the father’s watching out
like a parent that is watching out
make you going over, when the society too deep
when the anxiety creaping, also having us creating
while the puppets are debating, gotta make our sh-t moving
moving forward our movement, our father our motor
and our motive is to giving you a listen
while the road is our willing, f-cking not what they’ve decided
jj joking on the juggernauts
that stating we are dangerous
wonder won’t they never stop
one day they will have to drop
cause they never work things out
won’t they never ever stop
or we sadly have to drop
drop it to the ground
drop it to the sound, man
drop it inna the streets
n’other blackman wounded

wonder why they fuss so much that we just can give a f-ck
wonder you wanna f-ck a brother’s up just for a puff
wonder why you say we dangerous
i mean we nah, hey
all we is do is show and showing whole leap of love
smoking on some la-la
good marijuana
all we asking for is no more tears
people in i-frica living in disaster
people in africa just can’t find no rest
babylon vampire, each and every day
sucking blood of the children, each and every way, well.. (each and every way…)