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lirik lagu coffin talk – jermain


i’ll fry these chickens like katsu
they gon n*gga like baku
i been so hot that i cooked they ass till they fossils
yeah n*gga on some hot sh*t
nah n*gga not some thot sh*t
you thought b*tch
you live your life on some bot sh*t
if it was hot enough then i bought it
i ride around on some boss sh*t
i ride around bumpin bas sh*t
n*ggas actin like i really lost it
s/o boat but i really bodied this and stuffed this sh*t in a coffin
i smoked my enemies pack and i can’t lie that sh*t got me coughin
might drop a tape call it caution
met a bad thing named boston
might shoot my shot no boston
this might blow up like boston, hold up

now i’m here just talkin
but my key point is that i’m locked in
the glo up way’s how am i rockin
met a bad thing ima dish her ass to atom no stockton
i just hopе her ass ain’t stalkin
want a bad thing in some stockins

i’m a frеak n*gga
you roll around with them cheap n*ggas
but hey n*gga who am i
this rap sh*t is a do or die
i run every line like a suicide
i need the money so pay your tides
if you washed up n*gga here’s some tide
i do this sh*t in my sleep boy, i do this sh*t even when i’m tired
flowed through this beat like b*tter n*gga i’m high as sh*t, i’m b*tterfly

i’m better fly
matter fact i better die
for y’all sake, so y’all can rise
but that won’t happen cause i’ll never lie
even in my sleep i gotta grind
even in my sleep i gotta shine
if you don’t see this sh*t now n*gga then i promise dog just give it time



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