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lirik lagu 2nd angle – jespfur


million things in mind
zero things to say
the tongue flips upside down
the air hits crazy on the brain
your in the f*cking way
i was biking in the rain
ofcourse i got no brake
blow the politics away on the right time
pants stuck in the chain
took the other lane fell in grime
the face with all black paint

i’m thinking every night now the vision stays awake
i gotta make my moves so i’m not k!lling on my brain
a circle everyday
deceive is what i say
nr. 7 on the tape tells you to
face all the fear
and learn from the mistakes
didn’t smoke i see clear
spitting on the fakes
in the motion now
feel the energy
toe in the lotion now
it shows the peak

i’m f*cking tired
of f*ckers telling me how to see
running through the fire
so i can do whatever i feel

did you hear me now?
i didn’t loose my mind
its classic when i hear
the power in the sound
started with the shade
then hit it with the drums
the ink is running out
while i’m writing facts