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lirik lagu soundtrack of my life – jesse villatoro


i was born: mac miller donald trump: that’s why all my — bad they see this crazy life i have and they in awe

i learned to walk: joana zimmer – i’ve learned to walk alone i’ve learned to walk alone

i started playing socccer: wax- tomorrow come tomorrow ain’t no one stopping me
i’m going join a —– soccer league

i went to elementary – apathy – school “you know, in school everyone tries their very best to learn good habits

i went to middle school: big l – school days ay yo the school i went to, a whole bunch rhymed that’s why it was battles everyday at lunch time

i finished step and back in my right grade: lil wayne – no worries you can look me in my face (i ain’t got no worries)

i moved to a new place: xv – young, fresh & new well, another morning wake up, wake up as the night fades away i wish you would stay for awhile another warning not to waste all our days solet’s greet today with a smile when everything is young, fresh and new

i went to high school: big l – school days when i first got inside high school, i wasn’t known, i roamed alone but i held my own