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lirik lagu work – jet 2


she got -ss for days, she can dance for years
baby bring that -ss in here
if i can’t have none, you can p-ss to my peers
nah, i’m lying, i’m stingy as sh-t

[verse 1]
what that thang do, do it talk when you walk?
she said she can work a n-gg- out his socks and his drawers
i’m trying to see that sh-t on the top of my b-lls
i make her work it work it like a boss in charge
i make her work it work it, hop on, hop off
wait, half way pause, half way pause
hit it from the front through the back way doors
on halfway hard, but n-gg- i dogs it

i started off getting no recognition
but that’s all been solved
now i’m erect and sh-t
girl it’s your chance girl, better do that dance girl
it’s your chance girl, better do that, do that, do that

[verse 2]
go so steady, oh so heavy
work it if she ready, get her wetter than a levy
dry it out, serengeti, make her ride it like pirellis
we be cuttin’, no machete
i rain on her like confetti
and my d-ck game deadly
i’m pushing it like a hemi
i’m cooking it like a chef
eat it up like spaghetti
and i beat it beat it beat it in a beamer benz or bentley
or i bone her in the maro, n-gg- i be riding chevy
and she shake that thing like a donkey
and she know them other n-gg-s want it
but oh well, f-ck that sh-t, ’cause i’m on it
do it however you want it
(okay) uh huh uh huh, tell me how you want it
(on the floor)
oh like that? i’m on it
(you know)
from the night to the morning
all you hear is moaning ’til the next morning, morning
hit it double time, i’m on it on it
ride it like a crash course, n-gg- no cone head
get it then go, then hit it, then dose in
i pin that -ss down like you went bowling
jill scott, living life like it’s golden
i can lay it down, or we can stand on top a podium
i can lay it down, or we can stand on top a podium?
i live the sweet life, zack and cody, no nickelodeon
i’m on it, i’m on it, i’m on it, on it like i owe it
and get it in, one round, two, three, go again
clothes off, open and throw it in, throw it in
knotts soak city sh-t, soakin’ it, soakin’ it
stroking it, stroking it, i be on my double sh-t
i can make your bedrock, call me barney rubble b-tch
head like dreadlocks ’til you catch a headlock
bet i get her mickey d’s, oowee she be lovin’ it
let her hop up on top of it, i be under it
then i take a bubble bath, in it ’til it’s bubbling
i be lovin’ it
even if i simp, son do it like apu, thank you come again
like a oven, i heat it up like a oven
and i treat it like the summer, and i beat it like a drum in it
so breezy the way i’m runnin’ it
and i’m just having fun with it

[bridge 1]
i’m in the building, baby
i make her work my business
(haha is this)
what is this

[verse 3]
i’m on it baby
i restaurant it, grade a
it’s going down like mayday
my nuts all over, payday
i go r-t-rded in it
like radio, no k-day
i’m going hard on every mix-tape, no ray j
muhf-cka, i never been lazy
them gossip folk don’t phase me
i be on every track like i work dyestat
n-gg-, music like crack, no eighties
i might attract yo’ lady
better keep her -ss far away
i jam the pipe in like marmalade
i get up in her guts, make her harlem shake, n-gg-
i bet we correlate
and y’all n-gg-s leave her bored as slates
i slide in slow like a tortoise race
and i’m so smooth i can roller blade in
i give her that d-ck chaney
and in my mind, i’m rich b-tch, rick james
hit it from the side, look, look, look, n-gg-
and when i get tired, lick, lick, lick, dang

[bridge 2]
no recognition yet
but wrekless is the best
i’m making love to the music, they like get it jet
get it jet, get it jet, get it jet, get it jet
go jet 2, go jet 2, go jet 2, go jet 2, n-gg-

aye patna, aye homie, check this out, n-gg-
f-ck yo’ mixtape, n-gg-
(oh, oh, oh, oh, it’s like that? it’s like that?)
n-gg-, n-gg-, f-ck yo’ mixtape, n-gg-
n-gg- f-ck yo’ mixtape, n-gg-
n-gg- f-ck yo’ mixtape, n-gg-
n-gg- f-ck’ yo mixtape
don’t n-body care about that sh-t, n-gg- (like that?)
n-gg- f-ck yo’ mixtape, n-gg-
you ain’t n-body, my n-gg-
you is a ol’ big i record when i’m bored havin’ -ss n-gg-
you is a ol’ big, ol’, ol’, ol’ big call me jet tunechi -ss n-gg-
ol’ big i think i’m lil wayne -ss n-gg- (aye, man you got me)
you ol’ big, i wanna be in double, xxl -ss n-gg- (f-ck you)
you is a ol’ big, o-ol’ big pages
ol’ big swimsuit magazine pages stuck together -ss n-gg-
ol’ big toonami head -ss n-gg-
ol’ big rice and goat meat head -ss n-gg- (laughter)