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lirik lagu 4.w.d. – jethro tull


met a man just the other day —
said his name was jim. boy, won’t you take a look!
got a car for you — it’s a real steal
cleaned it right down — new brakes, clutch and here’s the hook
yes, it’s a 4.w.d. (low ratio)

cash to jim. i took it home
through the deep mud. plugged happy as a boy in sand
fitted wide tyres, spotlight, a winch as well
and some brush bars up front to complete the plan
now it’s really a 4.w.d. (low ratio)

take you down to the edge of town
where the road stops, we start to hold the ground
well, i’m blessed! got traction in a special way
hold the roll bar, slide back, feel me pull it round
let me show you my 4.w.d. (low ratio)