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lirik lagu 006 shit – jezu$


[verse 1: jezu$]
dancing, i can’t throw no ones if you ain’t dancing
handsome, all these b-tches in here think i’m handsome
romantic, i can’t take no b-tch out if she average
savage, momma raised me that makes me a b-st-rd
have ya, ever seen a n-gga shoot the pastor
don’t give me no pistol, pistol whip you then i blast ya
you asking, problems we gone put you in a casket
jezu$ boy you so violent, go get yo’ diary
writin’, telling problems you never solve ’em
me, i don’t love no b-tches i always dawg em
fendi been off the molly, we drinkin’ dirty
hoes at the afterparty, they gettin’ flirty
n-gga don’t you act like you are deaf, i know you heard me
pull up, me and frais we in the burban, and we swervin’
racks all in my jeans, and that lean i be pourin’
i can’t f-ck with basic b-tches cause them b-tches borin’

[verse 2: jezu$]
6 sh-t(x12)
b-tch i’m on that 6 sh-t, with my n-ggas (aye)
we be smokin’ backwoods, we don’t do no swishers (aye)
n-gga you can act tough, you can get ya issue (aye)
leave ya blood flatline, you gone need some tissue (aye)
take a break like halftime, need some newer missles (aye)
told my girl it’s naptime, swear that ima miss you (aye)
cause i’m on my rap time, heard a couple disses (aye)
heard a couple wack rhymes, it’s my time to diss you (aye)

6 sh-t, 6 sh-t
6 sh-t, b-tch i’m with the 6 sh-t
6 sh-t