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lirik lagu go hard – jill real


[verse 1: jill real]
call me out my name one more time
disrespect my gender in one more rhyme
judging people ain’t ya job you don’t hand out fines
like what you doing is right have you lost ya mind
i should drop it low come over here and show me
you sure that i can do it oh wait now you know me
ya standards are so flawed like who would wana be that
keep your eyes where they should be and you would prolly see that
there’s no middle we always gotta choose
if put out i’m a sl-t if i don’t then i’m prude
i wasn’t put on earth just to please you
p-ssing out instructions i’m supposed to heed to
momma raised me right i ain’t that weak boo
and i can support myself i do not need you
see we don’t exist for the betterment of your health
and if only attract hoes reevaluate yourself

[hook (x4)]
jill’s going hard
so i’m going home
i’m going home
i’m i’m going home

sit down let me teach you how to speak to others
how you hate your sisters and only love your brothers
and your mother but i wonder do you truly love her
what the hate is like p-b-rty, it just sprouts one summer
so i don’t blame the raging feminist
when clearly the repulsion is just so imminent
and its sad, the disrespect is being a such fad
draws conclusions based on the few women you think you had
i can always pick out the guilty ones
talking bout no daughters i only want sons
only hard to raise a queen cause fiends tryna knock her down
stop it now, chillin inside you tryna box us out
sometimes it just makes me wana scream
baby girl i see your dreams and i hate to intervene
princesses might be pretty, check the power of these queens
and i promise the world ain’t as cold as it seems


i’m just a queen searching for my throne
searching for my throne
search searching for my throne
you ain’t with that you can leave me alone
leave leave me alone