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lirik lagu never a doubt – jim brady


a little white frame house just south of houston
and memories from my childhood years ago
i still can see the endless fields of oil wells
and the storms that came in off the gulf of mexico

oh, the winds blew
and the house shook like a freight train
flood waters came
and all the lights went out
and my parents prayed
trusting god would get us through
someway, somehow
and there was never a doubt

daddy was a man called to preachin’
there was always some revival or crusade
eight kids growing up around our table
mama learned to make little go a long, long way

no, i can’t say
that we ever had much money
but i can say
that we never went without
oh, they taught us that our god
was always faithful to provide
and there was never a doubt
years have passed
and now i have a wife of my own
and i think a lot about
what it takes to make a home
oh, i’m grateful for the strong foundation
that they gave to me
the faithful love and trust
that will be their legacy

’cause through the years
they’ve had their disagreements
but they always found
a way to work it out
the kids never had to question
whether mom and dad
would stay together

oh, the ones who watched them closest
saw the clearest
day to day
the trust that they lived out
if they ever wondered if i’d want
to follow them in faith
there was never a doubt

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