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lirik lagu 05.5 creole skit – jim jones


[speaker:1] haay, heh hay, woi! [language spoken that’s not english]

[speaker:2] [?]

[speaker:1] boy i’m living sk!lling de beton. you don’t know?

[speaker:2] i know

[speaker:1] man, i am being fantasized every baddi baddi and ebbi baddi

[speaker: 2] what!?

[speaker:1] listen, who gi zoey dollaz [?]

[speaker:2] huh, uh

[speaker:1] the life in the jim jones.bolin!

[speaker:2] bolin

[speaker:1] this for the beautiful girl

[speaker:2] oh, yes

[speaker:1] the very gorgeous beautiful girl

[speaker:2] my baby

[speakers:1] an den you have mr. dyfl

[speaker:2] heh eh

[speaker:1] modder f-cker. an den you have, black city vic! hi, an den you have crypt greazy. mr. shawn, mr. buzen balgree

[speaker:2] oh…whoa

[speakers:1] [?]

[speaker:2] okay, okay…okay