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lirik lagu 123 – jimi ono


[verse 1]


first you walk away
then you slam the door
you don’t have to get distracted dam
you don’t know no more
you just ran away
they just got the last
of ur fortune dam

i don’t get the blood
i don’t mean to blame
everyone should know their number yea

you got all the fame
everyone can see
everybody knows ur wicked

in love i know it’s scares
not fair i know it’s not
don’t care i know you lied

[verse 2]


then he gets away
i didn’t mean to leave
but i got so dam distracted yea
i just had to breathe
i couldn’t really eat
but i know it’s all cause i asked for it yea

twist fate ima double bet yea
in bed she’s an animal yea
in the back he’s an animal yea

too bad i gotta go
didn’t last
it never would
been there
i know it all

[verse 3]


gotta get with me
f*ckin up your house
i could never be alone yea now
everything’s reversed
you just wanna bet
but you got your bet where your mouth is yea
thought i seen a sign and ignored it yea
you could never get what you wanted dam
i could be a bad b*tch on it yea
you didn’t really get me honest