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lirik lagu the loss – jimmy white


i cursed, i prayed
i tried to go, but stayed
i tried to show it
who was boss
ah but in the end
i could not defend
against the loss
against the loss

i tried, i cried
i felt like i almost died
there was a line
i wouldn’t cross
so i grit my teeth
and was crushed beneath
helpless against the loss
against the loss

every failure is a promise
of the final time
our victories cannot save us
from the final crime
it strips us of our dignity
it strips us of our pride
people look with sympathy
at the one who died

i yelled, i screamed
i groped and hoped and dreamed
and begged to be excused at any cost
but it’s all sour grapes
“cause none of us escapes
from the loss
from the loss