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lirik lagu humble beast pt.2 – jloud619


-mistah pacquiao up in dis b-tch!, jloud
long live kay pream loc, lets get it, aye!
-beat plays-
lets get it, check it, uh, what

my nigaas too deep on the block
we like the swat in this sh-t
hit the function blowin chops, & i’ll prolly knock yo b-tch
sh-t f-ck it, if he want the fade, he can run it
but let yo mans know my brothers ain’t witt dat f-ck sh-t
duck quick, hit em witt da left now he gushin
stumblin, oh yeah im finna knock his m-ffin!
ya shorty was a hoe lil man i thought u knew dat
you claim dat you was pimpin
but you simpin wittcho goof -ss
how you put yo faith in a ratchet?
left you in the mud & straight finessed you out yo package
money motivated keep ya feelings to yaself
strictly family by my side, perseverance for da wealth
im out to get this paper like i need it for the printer
anybody interfere i swear im shootin out the sprinter
360 in the street slide the doors back clappin
if the feds get a n-gga, it was fun while it lasted
now listen
im eighteen, a 99′ baby
im the last generation so im bound to go crazy
stay solid as the pavement regardless the situation
since a youngin i’ve been known to swing first & ask later
i run fades 24/7 come & get a taper
you a lame, catching 2/11’s quick to write on paper
you a snitch -ss n-gga
ol b-tch -ss n-gga
you ain’t really from da west,come & get dat n-gga
black rags to the left, millar to estes til’ the death of me
legion out here eatin & you cannot get the recipe
think before you step to me
bout business, beef & everything
i need my money pr-nto, im fuego like some takis
this shorty wanna top me, her n-gga wanna pop me
f-cked her at her pops crib & took that n-ggas shotty
he wanna call the coppers, but no they cannot stop me
escaped from the asylum, im trynna catch a body
dont make me have to snipe sum, treat n-ggas like zombies
on operation black flag, i finessed yo mommy
she love how da youngin stay crispy & c-cky
cleaner than some purified water from the rockies
my whole team godly, coolin up on planet sheen
posted up witt marvin the martian pourin promethazine
doobie, he believe in anarchy, blow you to smithereens
savvy money hungry, no talkin if you dont mention cheese
pull up to the scene drippin clean like some listerine
sit back smoke & read n-ggas like a magazine
never too cautious, i’ve learned from my losses
grimey young goon gettin paid witt no bosses
i gotta get it all from san diego to da springs
legion going worldwide, dats a fact it ain’t a dream
spent years being ashy, so i gotta get the cream
stay humble through the struggle
shine bright be supreme lil n-gga!