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lirik lagu nothin’ – jmax


turnt up off my entourage
at magic city and the dancers hoes
bel-air with the hennessy bottles and you know i brought the bands to throw

with this music sh-t i’m michaelangelo
most of y’all tryna be donatello

at versace mansion, like i’m donatella
i drink remy straight, i don’t want a stella

i’m in sicily with some foreign models
sippin sauvignon out the f-ckin bottle
but in italy, do what italians do
chase the vin santo with italian food

got a b-tch look like angelina
she be dancing like a ballerina
tanning naked on the third coast
wearing nothing but a fur coat

i run that money up like a slot machine
cashin the check like i won the lottery
smoking so much they should call it pottery
walk in the club and them bottles pop for me

i broke the curb in that new charger
so lit off the sticks, sh-t is getting harder
my neck and my wrist is on peter parker
the rocks in your watch can’t get any darker

shootin money, son your sh-t is broke
every night we make a different toast
looking like money head to toe
in the way n-gg-s do the most

take a one flight out to puerto rico
jet skiing with my favorite people

ice glowing, and my skin glowing
look like moses coming down to all the hebrews

i just wanna see the promised land
let them hoes know that i’m the man
big booties and a perfect smile
come make it juicy for me on demand

17 for my f-ckin guys
we ain’t selling weed dog, we staying high

born & paperboii at my side
they been down with me through the f-cking ride

now myn-gg-s boutto get filthy
all the cars, n-gg- all the broads

purple robes, and you know they’re silky
we came up, i’m a f-ckin star

we came up and it wasn’t hard
only thing hard was the work
white cup and its full of syrup
when i start drinking, i’ma leave earth

young n-gg- off the syruuuuup and weed
when i’m high i feel like herrrrrrcules
(that french model like dessert for me)

she like how i wear my balmain
comme des çarçones for her to crawl on
i picked a star just for us to fall on
i like her better with nothin at all on

i want a girl look like jasmine sanders
so we can be f.r.i.e.n.d.s. like my name is chandler
i’ll be big daddy like adam sandler
she can be my very pink panther

she like shopping and she love chanel
i make her laugh like i’m dave chapelle

i want the charts; microsoft excel
bars hotter than a bat outta h-ll

i mix the juice with the yellow bars
can’t see past these shades, but i’m in the stars
all designer sh-t, fashion is like an art
i’m stunting this fall with a fendi scarf

i ain’t got nothing
(nothing for you)
i ain’t got nothing
(nothing for you)
i ain’t got nothing
(i ain’t got nothing for you)
i ain’t got nothing
(nothing for you)